A Poem for the Aggressive Merchandising Season

Visualize home
says the slick cover -
paisley’s back in, contrast pillows to hold things together
brie wheel on an oak cheeseboard
teardrop chandelier to stave off the dark

but here, someone’s always unplugging the secondhand lamp
I don’t know why
socks lie everywhere like it’s mandatory 
to take them off where you stand

and no one remembers to close the sliced cheese 
while outside someone is practicing epics
dream-fighting the monsters 
that are always really coming

Is it going to be okay? I say
and you say I’m here

so I plug in the lamp 
and I peel off my socks
and I put up my feet
and it is.

One thought on “A Poem for the Aggressive Merchandising Season

  1. socks lie everywhere like it is mandatory. I love this line. It is always this case in my 9-yr-old daughter’s bedroom, study desk and floor. here things are scattered here and there. as a parent of two, i assume it has to be ok with me too:)


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